Stealing Like An Artist

Stealing Like An Artist

In this episode, my friend Victor Pierantoni drops by to discuss our favorite practices from a book that has changed both our lives: Steal Like An Artist by Austin Kleon


[03:58] What happened when Victor was complaining about not being original enough in his art

[06:20] The greatest strength of the format of the book

[08:40] Don’t wait to get started

[11:30] Why you want to fail to become your heroes

[14:50] Originality is a myth?

[21:13] How value can come from anywhere, especially imperfection

[22:56] Why you should have multiple workstations

[24:00] Use your hands for pure creation

[29:30] How to achieve full mind-body connection and total immersion

[33:35] The biggest takeaway about imperfection

[35:07] Taking inventory of your greatest influences


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