Going Into The Business Of YOU

Going Into The Business Of YOU

In this week’s episode, Elatia and I are hoping to help those of you who have gone into business for yourself. You’re self-employed, maybe you’re freelancing either full or part time. Or perhaps you’re just considering leveraging new or established skills to supplement your existing income. We really hope you enjoy this episode on “Going into the business of YOU.”


[6:48] A common assumption and mistake people make when starting out

[13:55] Key steps to networking and accountability

[18:40] One simple way to accelerate your success

[22:45] THE biggest pitfall new freelancers should avoid

[25:40] Tips on negotiating contracts

[29:30] What it means to “Die before you go into battle”

[32:50] How to get started before you get started

[40:20] How Elatia went from a course nobody wanted to partnering with major Universities

[45:15] Using partnerships and trading to create value


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Hosted by Shaun Martin

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Co-Hosted by Elatia Abate

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