Elatia Abate: The Future of Work

Elatia Abate: The Future of Work

In the first ever episode of Rebase, you’ll hear from entrepreneur, coach and pioneer Elatia Abate. We discuss reasons WHY people are dissatisfied at work, the questions they *should* be asking and those they should be able to answer, and a lot more!

A few show notes:

4:45* – The common stories people tell themselves about why they can’t do what they love

14:30* The key factor and first step in making a major change in your career

20:45* Why everyone should be developing the skills of entrepreneurship, even if you’re not starting your own business

Elatia can be found all over the world, but you can reach her most easily via Facebook or e-mail.

Watch Elatia’s TedX talk “Pioneering the Future of Work” on YouTube

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